Penguin Real Time

After a waiting period of almost two years, Goggle has finally implemented its newest algorithm change, the newest Penguin update. Penguin 4.0 Real Time marks the transition of Penguin as a stand alone feature to part of their core algorithm.

Penguin is Googles filter and capture system, a system designed to identify spammy or potentially spammy sites. The system was introduced in 2012 and was running on a periodic basis. The sites i dentified would be penalized until the next run of the filter, would would often be months apart.

The newest Penguin update has made significant changes to this formula. Until this update, Penguin would penalize and entire site based on as little as one spam page, this was a problem as it would deem pages spammy for things such as venue lists that are not inherently spammy. This new update will make this a thing of the past, now the Penguin system will only penalize individual pages, this will mean that individual pages will suffer but not full and often very well made sites.

As well with this the Penguin system is now part of google’s core algorithm, this means that instead of a periodic system for crawling pages, the Penguin system works constantly with the core algorithm to monitor and find spam pages in real time.

This is the last Update that Google will officially confirm in terms of the Penguin system, this is mainly due to the nature of the Penguin system as a constant process.

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