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Get Search Engine Success in 2017

There is a lot more to search engine optimisation (SEO) than the first page of Google. For instance, understanding what search phrases people use to find your product or service and making sure your description on Google is enticing.

As one of our clients found out, the term ‘dancing holidays’ is searched for 5,400 times per month. Sounds good right? However, the term ‘dance holidays’ was searched for 9,900 times per month. That’s almost double the amount of possible customers.

Our service focuses on the amount of extra people visiting your website via the search engines rather than just ranking on page one for a hand full of keywords without really knowing what extra visitors this will bring to the site. Tree Frog work across the whole spectrum of digital marketing so the work that we do will even improve other areas of your marketing such as your website content, social media and adwords / facebook ads if you use them.

Our SEO customers also receive a report at the end of each month by email and we are always happy to explain what the report means for your business.


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Our Performance Promise:

We guarantee that any of our marketing services will deliver an agreed amount of new visits to your website within 6 months, or we will give you your money back,  see how it works here.

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Some Examples of our success:

Cheshire Luxury Cars

Cheshire Luxury Cars offer chauffeur driven car services to high end business clients, VIPs and the highly competitive Wedding Industry. Their fleet of new Rolls Royce phantoms, ghosts and Ferraris needed to be targeted towards specific markets without cheapening or damaging their luxury brand and reputation. Like many of our clients they had dealt with other SEO ‘specialists’ in the past, however, they were unable to generate the increase in sales that they wanted.  We set up a strategy that has seen sustained growth in their search engine traffic, starting with local competition and now spreading our across the Northwest and the UK as a whole. As well as a page one ranking for almost all of their chosen search phrases they are now enjoying a definite increase in booking directly due to the work that we have done for them. Their organic traffic from Google’s organic listings is now the company’s main source of traffic to the website and the return on investment per pound spent is far great than any other element of their online marketing strategy.

Home Tyre – Chester

Home tyre are a mobile tyre fitting franchise, each territory has a small micro-site. They had been using Google ad-words with limited success, as larger companies were simply out bidding them. We had to work inside of strict guidelines set down by the master franchisee and this meant having to think outside of the box on various aspects of our work with them. In the first 6 weeks of working with them we took all 6 of their search phrases from obscurity to page 1 where they have remained ever since. 5 out of their 6 phrases are now ranked in the top 5 listings on page one. As a result they have seen a noticeable increase in enquiries via their website. They have now stopped their ad-words spend due to the success of our organic campaign.

Chester Boats

Chester Boats offer boat tours of Chester as well as offering themed party nights. Since they had multiple target markets they had struggled to get exposure on the search engines that reached the right people. As always we did our homework before starting our campaign for them and found the right keywords that would deliver a healthy amount of visitors to their website. Both their tours and hen party markets are now ranking on page 1 of Google and delivering more visitors to their website. They have scaled back their Google ad-words campaign as many of there main keywords are now well represented on page one and driving traffic organically.

What next?

If you would like to find out more please contact us to discuss how we can help your website stand out from your competition.