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We believe that Google is not some mystic place that only the most powerful of sorcerers can flourish, but more like an open playing field that any business can get real results in. But the problem is that like most digital marketing, the vast majority of people (and some digital agencies for that matter) do it backward!

Well actually I mean forwards… Allow me to explain.

When we help Cheshire businesses to grow using Search Engine Optimisation or Adwords we start with the very end in mind, and what comes at the end of a sales transaction?… profit. If we know how much a sale is worth, then we can then look at how many leads you need to convert into a customer, if we know how many leads you need, we can then look at how many clicks to your site you need to make a lead. Once we know that, we can work out how many times people will need to find you on the search engine, and THEN we can look at what phrases people are going to search for on Google. (it is pretty simple maths when you think about it)

We want to make the internet a more profitable place for business. By taking the extra time to learn about your wider business goals we can work together to help you grow. So if you are looking to up your marketing game, or your competitors have suddenly started being that bit more aggressive, then a member of the team would love to meet with you and go over your marketing face to face at our Chester Office or across Cheshire, Flintshire and most of the North West.

If you want to see a real return on your marketing investment, Call us now on 01244 535760 for an informal chat, and to see how we can build your business together