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About - Partners

We are a Google Partner Agency. But not just any Google Partner.

All our staff undertake the Google Fundamentals Exam, from our fully certified campaign staff to our book keeper, so whoever you speak to, they are on the same page.

There are many benefits to working with a Google partner agency, here are just a couple:

Google Partners and Mobile Developers
Google Partners

Direct access with Google:

As a Google Partner, we have direct contact with Google HQ in London... don't get me wrong, this is not just about speaking to the big guys, it allows us to have access to baseline data on all different campaign types and industries, so no matter how different your business is, or even if you have not had success with AdWords in the past, you can be sure that we understand your campaign and your business fully. We can even run diagnostics on your competitors to see what campaign success they are seeing with AdWords.

High Standard Certification:

Google certification is not one of those easy online courses that you see all over the internet. Becoming a certified partner agency is now a 12 month process with multiple exams that have to be taken every year.

Face to Face is a real good place:

No call centres, no online support tickets, with Tree Frog as your Google partner you get just that ... a partner that meets regularly with you to assess your business and your campaign.

Ongoing Accountability:

As a Google Partner, all of the accounts that we manage are monitored continuously by Google, this is not big brother, this means your campaigns are being overseen by the BIGGEST brother. So you can rest easy knowing that everything we do for you is being checked against some of the most stringent standards in the industry.