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Marketing as flexible as your business

Adwords - always having the right tool for the job.

I always liken our approach to Google Adwords to a homeowner's tool box. Anyone can get a tool kit, anyone can use a chisel to open a can of paint, or a monkey wrench to knock a nail in the wall, and although it may seem like it is successful to start with it often ends in tears.

We pride ourselves on having the right tool for the job, when it comes to your business goals. Think of us as that one guy in your street who has a place for every tool and understands what role each tool plays in a job.

OK, so we are being a bit heavy on the metaphors here, but the premise still rings true, many people claim to have tried AdWords in there business, some successful, others not so much.

The difference more often than not, can be down to understanding exactly what part of the Adwords tool kit is needed, but also what setting it should be on and having the experience to understand exactly what should be happening at what time when you implement them and over what time scale.

Display Ads in ChesterDisplay ads

Google display network allows you to show laser targeted ads to customers who are looking at websites related to your product and service, also if you need to educate your client about your service or want to target them during the research / consideration phase. This is a powerful tool to use.

Google Partner AgencyGoogle Partner

Tree Frog Digital Limited are a Certified Google Partner, we are constantly monitored and tested to make sure our understanding is bang up to date with the ever changing landscape of Google. We can also offer various ‘partner only’ benefits to your business that are not available to other agencies.

Remarketing in ChesterRemarketing

Remarketing boosts conversion by over 70%, once someone visits your website you can target them across their other online activity to help them to convert. We can even target competitors websites and relevant articles. So if you have a long consideration period, or have big national competition this is definitely something we should talk about.

Search Ads in ChesterSearch Ads

This is the ad format that most people are familiar with, those 4 sponsored ads at the top of the search results page. But, did you know that many of the unmanaged campaigns that we take over were wasting up to 60% of their ad budget. Through proper management and layered targeting we can make your search campaign a lean clean lead machine.

Youtube Ads in ChesterYouTube

YouTube ads are an incredibly powerful branding tool, but don’t worry you don’t need the budget from avatar to make a YT ad. There are lots of tools to help build professional ads at a sensible budget. If you work in a seasonal business or retail this is beyond cool.