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YouTube Ads

Unleash the power of YouTube with Google's YouTube ad system. Many people don't realise that YouTube is actually the second biggest search engine, second only to Google Search.

We have seen great success with YouTube ads as a branding tool and also as a supplementary campaign in line with remarketing campaigns.

Don't video ads cost a lot to produce?

YouTube ads can cost as much or as little as your budget allows. We have worked on video ad campaigns that have a budget of £30,000 and we have run campaigns that have been literally filmed on the clients mobile phone. We always look to start with the customers wider goal in mind, so don't worry we will guide you through it.

Do I get charged if someone skips my ad?

One of the great things about YouTube video ads is that you only get charged after the user has viewed your ad for more than 30 seconds, or if the user clicks on the ad. We can really target what channels we display on and we actively filter out 'clickbait' channels such as music playlists which typically have a high 'view through' rate and low conversions.

Can I use image ads on YouTube?

Yes, let’s have a coffee and we can discuss it in more detail (I'll even bring the biscuits)