Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Many people would have you believe that the SEO and Search Marketing is some kind of voodoo magic that only the most powerful of wizards and sorcerers can understand?

The friendly team at Tree Frog Digital however, could not disagree more.  Are there elements that are technical?… Yes indeed!   Does it change a lot?… Almost constantly.
But here is the thing… Everything that we do is focused on making the internet a more profitable place to do business. So everything we do and every ‘win’ that we declare always comes back to how much effect it has had on your bottom line.

We re not satisfied with “you are at the top of page one”  that’s only part of the story.

A win for us is “your search term is at the top of page one, and it gets searched for 1000 times a month. This means that you will get around 300 click on your website every month…” sounds good?…  well we don’t stop there.  “we see that your site conversion is currently 5% so you will typically get 15 extra leads from your site, because your average sale value is £1000 and you convert 30% of leads into paying customers, this will generate an extra £5000 per month in sales” NOW THAT’S A WIN Don’t worry if you don’t fully understand the numbers in your business in this much detail, our team will work with you to understand them.

What? No packages?

We believe we offer the best of both worlds. A lot of people ask why we don’t offer your typical “Premium, standard and budget” SEO packages. The truth is that every business is different in what they are trying to achieve, who they are competing against and how technically sound their website is. We do offer all of our customers a fixed fee package, however this based on what is needed specifically for your website.

For example: One customer may have a really well built website but it does not connect with other sites in the industry making it hard for google to see its ‘footprint’. Another may have lots of quality content and links but the site needs some technical work undertaking to bring it up to scratch.  Or, as we found with one customer the whole of their search woes may be caused by a missing semicolon in a file… missed off by a careless developer (imagine if he had spent thousands of pounds on SEO packages only to find it was nothing more than a typo) Ask us about our bespoke packages

Here is a list of the various elements that make up our SEO Service

Research and Audits

Prior planning prevents poor performance… OK maybe that’s a bit of a cliché now, but it still rings true with any type of marketing campaign and especially Search Engine Optimisation.  We start any campaign by first of all running an in-depth technical report on your website which consists of over 40 different test.  This takes your website and the website of your 2 biggest competitors and shows you where you stand out and where improvements need to be made.

Next we compare your competitors in more detail, for example what content they have? How are they connecting with their customers on the site, are they offering something of value to the customer as an incentive for them to make contact?  This is not to do with SEO per say, but it gives us a clear idea of your competitor’s sales process.

We then carry out in depth Keyword research, that shows not only what people are searching for but also how competitive those keywords are, and what opportunities and ‘easy wins’ are available. Based on this we can then set some solid growth targets for both search engine position, and new revenue. Ask us about Research

Local listings and citations

The days simply adding the keyword “plumber Chester, Plumber Liverpool, Plumber Deeside” to gain local Search rankings are well and truly gone. Google now looks much more closely at where your business is physically located and where the businesses that connect to you are based too.  This means that simply adding your website to 2000 directories won’t do the job it either. (in-fact it will likely do more harm than good) We know what websites Google use to validate your business’ location and focus on quality over quantity.  If your business has multiple locations then this is not a problem (we just undertake slightly different approach) Ask us About Local SEO


This is the geeky Bit to SEO. We look closely at your website and make sure it both follows Google’s best practice and also that Google can read and understand your website correctly.

This can range from making sure that the site has correct Meta Data, that it works well on mobile and uses the most up to date markup that is required in the modern online space. Ask us about Technical SEO

Link building

Having a great network of links to and from your website is still a really important part of a search campaign, but forget buying thousands of low-value links from the depth of the internet, or using other outdated ways of generating links. We find natural, High-quality links that will cement your place as an expert in your industry.  100 quality links will get better results that 1000 generic, low worth links. Ask us about Quality Link Building

Content and Blogger Outreach

It is important to generate fresh content on your website, we will work with you to generate quality articles and make sure that are seen and promoted by other people in your sector. We will also reach out to bloggers who blog about your industry or target market and ask them to give you a mention in their blog. Ask us about Content Strategy

Some Examples of our success:

Cheshire Luxury Cars

Cheshire Luxury Cars offer chauffeur driven car services to high-end business clients, VIPs and the highly competitive Wedding Industry. Their fleet of new Rolls Royce phantoms, ghosts and Ferraris needed to be targeted towards specific markets without cheapening or damaging their luxury brand and reputation. Like many of our clients they had dealt with other SEO ‘specialists’ in the past, however, they were unable to generate the increase in sales that they wanted. We set up a strategy that has seen sustained growth in their search engine traffic, starting with local competition and now spreading our across the Northwest and the UK as a whole. As well as a page one ranking for almost all of their chosen search phrases they are now enjoying a definite increase in booking directly due to the work that we have done for them. Their organic traffic from Google’s organic listings is now the company’s main source of traffic to the website and the return on investment per pound spent is far great than any other element of their online marketing strategy.

Home Tyre – Chester

Home tyre are a mobile tyre-fitting franchise, each territory has a small micro-site. They had been using Google ad-words with limited success, as larger companies were simply outbidding them. We had to work inside of strict guidelines set down by the master franchisee and this meant having to think outside of the box on various aspects of our work with them. In the first 6 weeks of working with them, we took all 6 of their search phrases from obscurity to page 1 where they have remained ever since. 5 out of their 6 phrases are now ranked in the top 5 listings on page one. As a result, they have seen a noticeable increase in inquiries via their website. They have now stopped their ad-words spend due to the success of our organic campaign.

Chester Boats

Chester Boats offer boat tours of Chester as well as offering themed party nights. Since they had multiple target markets they had struggled to get exposure on the search engines that reached the right people. As always we did our homework before starting our campaign for them and found the right keywords that would deliver a healthy amount of visitors to their website. Both their tours and hen party markets are now ranking on page 1 of Google and delivering more visitors to their website. They have scaled back their Google ad-words campaign as many of their main keywords are now well represented on page one and driving traffic organically.
What next?

If you would like to find out more please contact us to discuss how we can help your website stand out from your competition.

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