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Content in SEO

Ironically when it comes to creating content for SEO, the best advice I can give is "write for humans not search engines". How many times have you seen content like "if you need an SEO agency in Chester visit our Search engine service page... bla bla bla" Google is too smart to 'fall' for this type of thing nowadays.

Google cares much more on if the pages content is aligned with the users 'intent' than it does about how many times a keyword shows up in a page. For example if you are optimising an online shop that sells hats, then your content needs to be focused around the questions and considerations of someone who is buying a hat. If you are a solicitors practice it needs to be aligned with the process and 'pain points' that someone hiring a solicitor for the first time would go through.

We help businesses in a number of ways, from helping you create content that is relevant, and helping you to give answers to the questions that everyone is asking. We aim to link businesses with industry specific copywriters and guest bloggers to help you share your company's gospel.

What is the next step?

We can run a report on your website that will show you how engaging your content is, and what the appropriate reading score is. We will then give you a free 1 hour consultation to go through the report and see how we can align your content with your business goals and make it Google friendly in the process.

How to optimise your website copy for SEO

As anyone who has dealt with Tree Frog will tell you, we are passionate about empowering local businesses, so here are some very simple tips and tricks that you can do yourself.

  • Make sure your page has enough content that Google can read it correctly.
  • Make sure that content is relevant and engaging.
  • Your content should be well written and of an appropriate reading age.

We also run regular free SEO workshops in Chester, we would love to see you there