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Quality Links for strong foundations

Link building is still a pivotal part of SEO for many businesses, but gone are the days of simply buying 2000 links from the depths of the internet. Now, Google looks for strong high quality links that validate you as a business, it does this in a number of ways.

For example if your business has multiple offices or shops, Google looks to your link profile to validate that you are in the location and industry that you say you are. For example when we say that we are an SEO company in Chester and Stockport, Google does not just take our word for it. It gets to work checking our credentials and online footprint to prove that it is the case.

Lastly Google uses links to see how much influence you have with your peers and looks to see if people are naturally interacting and sharing your content.

One thing is for sure, if you get your link profile wrong, or cut corners it will cause you a world of pain and we have seen businesses be seriously impacted for up to 6 months because they tried to cheat the system.

How can I build my own link profile?

As we have mentioned, this is not something to ‘play at’ as any issues often have long term repercussions. However we will happily run a free link profile report on your website and go through this with you and explain exactly what is needed.

We also cover link building in our Marketing Club so please come along if you want to get a better understanding.