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Onsite Search Engine Optimistion

Onsite SEO is so much more holistic today than it was in years gone by, simply stuffing pages with keywords and the location of your business, is now more likely to get the site penalised than to have any kind of positive effect.

Our Specialist SEO team look at On-site Search Engine Optimisation at a human level and look at all of Google's best practices, no 'quick fixes', no black hat techniques and no cheating the system.

We look at the things that Google (and experts) know makes a great website. From great usability to engaging content, from accessible and inclusive websites, to having clear calls to actions and objectives on each page.

What to do next?

Unlike many Search Engine Agencies we start with the end in mind with one of our Discovery Sessions. In this consultation, we look at all areas of your website (not just SEO) and look at your business model to understand how your customers should be interacting with you and what success looks like to you.

How can you improve my SEO?

We get asked all the time if there are things you can do to improve your ‘on page’ SEO? And more often than not there are lots of things that you can do to improve the amount of 'Google love' you will get from your site before you work with an SEO expert. You are welcome to come to one of our free monthly digital marketing workshops at our Chester office, but in the meantime here are some very basic tips you can do yourself.

  • Make sure the images on the page all have 'alt tags'.
  • Make sure there is a good mix of images and content on the page.
  • Make sure the page is linked to other relevant content.