Chris Makes a Splash for Charity

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Anyone who knows Chris knows that he loves the outdoors and supporting youth work in the community. 
So when at a charity fundraiser hosted by the lovely Dawn and Duane Thornborough of County Brides (a long standing customer) had their local scout group as their chosen charity, Chris was in his element!

There had been the usual Charity Raffle for which we had donated a prize – as we always do, and then came the Charity Auction. The usual sports memorabilia went by and then something was announced which made my ears prick up. A day with the scouts – doing something outdoors!

So I bid and won the experience at £75  which the scouts were very grateful for.

It turns out that what I won was a day Ghyll Scrambling (which is basically rock climbing on a flowing river)

I jumped in pools, climbed up water falls and squeezed through gaps.

A fun filled day was had by all!

All in all County Brides raised over £2000 over the course of the evening which will go towards much needed tents and equipment for the 1st Lowton scouts.
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