Chris Talks about Brighton SEO April 2018

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Hi guys, Chris here from Tree Frog, and today I’m just going to give you my thoughts on Brighton SEO. We went on Friday, we’ve just come back. I’d just like to share
what I thought was really good, and just help you know what to expect if you think you’re going yourself.

So obviously we’re a northern agency so it was a five hour trip down there, but I’ve got to be honest, it was totally worth the trip. We got there on the Thursday, late afternoon, they’d got networking going on, they’d got a co-working space so you could catch up with work if needed and all that kind of thing, It was really well put together.

Thursday night they have their pre-party where one of their main sponsors sponsor a party. I’ve been to loads of these kind of things and normally they are typically quite dull; not the case with Brighton SEO, it was like geeks gone wild. Absolutely rammed, you got free drinks vouchers, they’d got a photo booth, they’d got live karaoke with a rock band playing you can go and sing along to, and it was held in a nightclub. It was really, really cool.

What I liked most about it is it’s just nice to see that many people from the search community getting together, chilling out, sort of sharing ideas, and drinking lots and lots of beer, which is always a good thing.

So the main convention then; yeah again, really cool, all the things you’d expect, all the usual software companies and players in the search industry had got stands there. They’d got God knows how many speakers now, look up on the website, loads and loads of different tracks, talks from everything from absolute beginner stuff to real brain melters that me and James went to see. I’ll talk a little bit more about those in a second.

Again, what I like is it was chilled out, it wasn’t some sort of corporate affair, they’d got a beer garden in there with retro arcade games and bean bags, and you could go and chill out, which kind of takes the pain out of it. Because if you’re like me, I like to go and do as many talks as possible, I’m a real sort of information sponge at these events, and it was nice actually, you know, you’d go and you’d do some real sort of hard hitting talk, you can go and have five minutes playing Pac-Man or having a beer or whatever, and it was just really cool. It felt like as much a sort of celebration of the industry as it did a convention. So good vibes all round.


all the talks were of a really good standard this year. I really liked the fact they’d got more sort of talks on agency and agency development as well as the tech stuff. There was people talking about how to manage relationships with developers and things like that, so it was good for me as an agency owner to go there and pick up some sort of business development ideas as well as the geeky stuff. For me, two totally noteworthy talks was the Greg Gifford talk on link building, and he always talks in his very sort of unique style, but the stuff he was saying was absolutely bang on.

Craig Campbell’s talking about PBNs, was really good and again looking at both the pros and cons of them, and giving some real usable tips. And I think that for me is kind of how the show’s evolved over the last few years is that it, for me there was always a lot of ideas, there was always a lot of talks, but it was kind of the what and how was maybe missing, as this year there seemed to be a lot more emphasis on “Okay, here’s a strategy but actually here’s some stuff that you can implement, and here’s some stuff that you can investigate, here’s a cool tool that you can use that we don’t sell”, which again for me is always good.

James went into some really cool sessions on site speed and mobile first. Now these are things that we’ve been up on for quite some time, but it was great to see what we were doing was also what other people were saying is what they think is happening, and in many ways there are some other different perspectives as well there to sort of come on to it as well.

so all round, a very, very good show indeed.

Post party I’ve got to admit I flaked out, I didn’t go to that this year, just because it was a bonkers drive down and I’d got worked booked in the next day as well, so I wanted to get my head down and get back so I can’t really comment on that. But typically when we’ve gone they’ve always been good.

So that is my thoughts on this April’s Brighton SEO. There you go, I hope you have been enriched and now have a deep and meaningful life as a result.
Okay, see you next time.