Funnel of Doom! part 2

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Let’s recap on the last post. A cleaning company charges around £60 for a weekly clean, which equates to around £720, and then their hard costs on top are £10 pound per clean. Their marketing campaign budget is £200 per month.

So let’s look at some solutions 

Larger businesses will say OK, we’re spending £2400 on marketing. We need to know what we’re going to get from it, and what we’re going to do if we don’t get it etc.

SME’s on the other hand, now bearing in mind for some £2400 might be, I don’t know maybe 10% of your turnover for your first year if your a sole trader. Some may tend to take that £2400 and say OK well, we’ll just do some stuff and see if it works.

The first thing to do is think. Right, in order to spend £2400 on SEO, how many sales do I need to make, to make that effort worthwhile?

Let’s say you know that 10 sales a month would put you into profit. It would make it worth the hassle and it would make a big difference, now you start to work that funnel back. Say you need 10 sales from you SCO campaign, then that means we actually need 20 people to contact you through the website. 

Because we’ve measured your conversion rate internally, and made some improvements your up to 50%, so we need 20 leads, well our conversion rate on the site is X… . So  to get 20 leads we need 800 visits on the site from quality people. 

And then you think right OK, but if I need 800 leads. So 800 visits would bring me 20 leads to bring me 10 sales. Then actually I need 2500 quality searches about my service at the top of Page 1. To bring the 800 visits in order to bring the 20 leads, to make my 10 sales.

But let’s work it out. If you need 2500 searches, it then starts to affect your keyword research. Because it may well be that in your local area, most of the keyword search terms are small. Well, that’s fine, you just need a lot of them 

This has been a bit of a long blog which I hope has been useful.

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