Is SEO Still important in 2019?

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Is SEO Still important in 2019?

Organic search plays a huge role in getting a healthy return on investment on your digital strategy, especially with business service websites. But with Google’s ever growing selection of Search result features, Organic search behaviour is becoming more and more ingrained into a users life.  Especially with the escalation of voice search usage seen over the last 2 years


Google owns around 75% of the overall search market. Google is also the most visited website in the world, and most popular email provider with more than one billion users! So, let’s look at how to get the best from it for your business

User Intent

Great SEO goes way past keywords and meta tags nowadays, with Google using AI and machine learning to super charge its existing crawl technology to not only check if the content is relevant, but also if it is reputable. Google wants to check if the content on your website is aligned with the users intent, i.e are they looking to make a transaction, are they looking for news, a quick answer or just general information?


Local Search

Local Search has become a big thing for small-medium sized businesses. Local SEO will optimise your digital properties within a radius, allowing people to find you more quickly and easily-putting your business one step closer to a transaction. Local search mainly focuses on specific towns, cities and regions.


Just staying on the top of your Google my business and maps package can bring great rewards for your business.


ROI (Return On Investment)

There has been a noticeable increase in click costs from Google’s paid ads over the last 18 months which means that despite being a long term strategy, organic presents a better return on investment, with comparable quality clicks being less than 10% of the cost of their paid search equivalent.

You should have a noticeable impact within the 6 months of action being taken. You’re always best to follow the latest trends and changes as time passes and the more time, effort and budget that is put into your SEO, the longer and better a website stands to be a worthy contender.


In conclusion

A website with a strong SEO strategy will have a better position on the search engine with relative keywords that relate to the website. This means they will attract potential customers and bring them into their sales funnel.