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Marketing Club Slide Competitor research

The boffins at Tree Frog Digital would like to invite you to our Chester Marketing Club.

Each month we run a different Marketing Masterclass to help you with your marketing growth for 2017.
There is no sales pitch, no obligation, and no ‘holding back’ content that you then need to pay extra for.
This class is FREE with the aim to help you make the internet a more profitable place to do business.

In This Session

We will show you how to conduct competitor research without expensive software.
Then after a short break we will go on to show you how to use that information to plan for online domination!
The whole idea is that the master class is actionable for your business, and if you have any specific issues you want to address in the class you can always contact us before hand and we will try our best to cover it in the session.

7 December 10:00 – 12:00

See you there!