Micro Moments

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marketing club 240817

Tickets are now available for the next Marketing Club on 24th August. We hope to see you there.


We all know that a mobile website is important in this ever changing digital world. In this session we will be looking at the psychology of mobile users and in particular the phenomenon that Google has dubbed ‘Micro-Moments‘  

You will leave the session with a better understanding of how web users on both desktop and mobile interact with your website and you will come away with loads of ideas on how to tailor your marketing towards capturing those impulsive views and searches. This presentation material comes direct from Google (delivered by your friendly neighbourhood geek) so this is one NOT to be missed

The Format

The session will start with a little open networking and some tea and coffee. We will then get right to it. You are welcome to bring your laptop and marketing plan / reports with you. The whole idea is that the master class is actionable for your business and if you have any specific issues you want to address in the class you can always contact us beforehand and we will try our best to cover it in the session.

As always our marketing clubs are designed to be small intimate groups of no more than 8 businesses. This way we can really tailor the session to your needs.

See you there