Top Tips For SEO

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The world of SEO can be quite a complex topic and can come across as overwhelming if it’s fairly new to you. In this post, we will be discussing some of the best tips that are on offer to get you started on how to optimise your site and drive more organic traffic to your business.


Like mentioned in a previous blog on our site, keyword research is critical when it comes to setting up a successful SEO. When a user query searches for something relevant to your business, you want them to somehow stumble across you. Brainstorm potential keywords that are related to your business, what you do, the services/products you offer along with the locations in which your business is based in. The last thing you want to do is spend all your time and money investing in search terms that no-one is searching for.


There a number of keyword research tools that you can use to help you to come up with keywords for your business. Some of these you may have to pay for but there are certain tools such as Ubersuggest  or Keyword Tool which you can use for free (you just can’t use some features unless you pay).  This will only give you data, so it’s worth going through your findings with a professional SEO, or asking them to carry out the research for you (which often costs less than the software to run it on).


A really important step to take is to research the competition around you. Go and visit their website, see how engaging their website is. Is it aesthetically pleasing to look at? Can you navigate your way around their website without any issues? Then go back to your website and compare, see what you do well what they don’t and so forth. Read reviews that potential customers have left about the service/products that they have sold. See if they mention that it’s a good price for the level of product that was sold to them and compare. Again, this will speed the process up when you start working with an SEO agency and save you some serious cash in the process.


Now that you know what your competition is all about, you will want to create some content that allows your website to stand out from the rest. Your content needs to be detailed enough that will draw readers and potential customers in. If you’re writing about a certain topic, and you’ve recently put out another piece of content on your website that relates to the new piece of content you’re writing, link it in! People like to click links, especially if they’re interested in what you have to say.


Remember to update your website at least twice a month with new content, so that when potential customers visit your site, they will have fresh, new posts to browse through.