Using Keywords With Google Ads

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We all know that researching the right keywords to use on your paid campaign can make or break its success.

However, we see a lot of people come to us with great keyword ideas, yet their campaigns are not getting the success they want due to using the wrong match type.

So, here is our quickfire guide to choosing the right keyword match types.

There are a different number of match types that you can use on your Google Ad campaigns which all have their pros and cons these are;


Broad Match

Broad match is the default type that all keywords are assigned to. For example, if your keyword is “men’s shoes”, someone who is searching for “buy men’s shoes” may see your ad, this is where we see a lot of issues, as in this example. They may also show for things related but not relevant to their campaign so you may get “boys trainers” for example (boy is a broad match of men and trainer is broad match of shoe) which is less than helpful if you sell oxford brogues.


Negative Keywords

Negative keywords will exclude your ads from showing on searches with the term you have set as a negative keyword. If you own a shoe company that only sells male shoes, then for a negative keyword you would put (-women’s shoes) etc. This is really important if you want to trim down your wasted spend.


Broad Match Modifier

This is similar to broad match keywords, except that broad match modifier option will only show ads in searches which include words designated with a plus sign or really close variations of them.


Phrase match

Ads may show on searches which match a phrase or close variants of that phrase that someone has searched for. The only way ads won’t show with phrase match is if a word is put in the middle of the phrase or if it’s reordered in any way.


Exact match

Your ads may show on searches that match the exact term or close variations of that term that a customer has searched for. For example, ‘men’s shoes’ you’d get a search page full of results of men’s shoes.


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