What lockdown means for your online marketing

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An analysis of March to May 2020 

First of all this is just a snapshot of the research we have carried out across 30 of our customers as well as numerous bench marked sites across the internet. We will be publishing our full report early next month on our website

This example is a customer in the hospitality industry which is amongst the hardest hit by the lockdown. 

Disruptive phase 

As with most things during the lockdown there was a huge amount of disruption, with us seeing a large drop in traffic and conversion and some disruption in Google position,  Interestingly the disruption in position was not just due to lack of demand but due to many larger & micro businesses reducing their SEO activity.


Recovery period

This meant that the businesses who have continued to engage in search engine marketing and SE0 suddenly have far less competition, allowing them to quickly raise up the rankings and  close the ‘gap’ by around 50%.


Growth Period 

Google released another core update in early May focusing on Authority, trust and expertise. The businesses that had continued to market and add value content during the lockdown were positively impacted by this update and have shown growth that exceeds the original base line in traffic and placement.


Although conversions still remain affected many smaller businesses are now outranking their larger competitors and as we enter the consideration stage at the end of lockdown, these businesses stay in pole position, in order to be found by their customers online.


I hope that this has been useful to you, if you would like more information please contact the team at Tree Frog Digital and we would be happy to help.