Website Design Chester

Five reasons that our clients love our web design service

Focused on Conversion

When we start a project we start with the most important thing first, How will the website convert it’s visitors into paying customers. And even more than that who are they and how many different target markets will the website be serving? Going though this process before we look at things like design and the look and feel, makes sure that we are leading the right customers to take the right actions.

Technically Sound

We build website to strict WC3 guidelines ( the industry standard for web design) we also make sure all of our websites work on both new computers with large screens and also older computers that maybe slower. In addition all of our websites are back compatible to internet explorer 7.

All of our websites have a lifetime no quibble warranty against code bugs and errors.

Visually Stunning

Of course it’s not all code and marketing metrics, a website has to look great too. Our in-house designer will work with you to design a website that compliments both your visual brand and the overall culture of your business.

Mobile Friendly

With more and more online activity now taking place on mobile devices, it is important that the whole website can be viewed correctly on mobile phones and tablets. This ‘responsive’ approach to web design is no longer a nice to have but is becoming a consideration that is expected by your clients. In addition to this Google now favors mobile friendly websites and it is predicted that this will be a bigger and bigger part of how they rank websites online.

Future proof

This is something that many businesses overlook when choosing a company to build them a website.
When we start the process, not only do we find out what your goals are in the short term but also what they are likely to be in the coming years. This allows us to make considerations in the design and build accordingly, it maybe that you may want to add an online shop once the site is established, or you may wish to add other sections to the site as it grows. All of these are situations that our clients have found themselves in and we, because we have taken the time to understand them from the start, we were able to add these features on without an expensive rebuild

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